Developed by NoSe Studios, unHappy Hour! is a too-accurate life sim. You have been studying your whole life but cannot get a job. It is always complicated if everyone asks for 25 years of experience when you are 21. Luckily, the owner of the Ponus bar does not care as long as you work 100 hours a week. Full of humour and criticism, this indie shows that finding work-life balance is more challenging than any no-hit run.


At the restaurant, you will have to take orders from customers correctly. Hurry up and be careful not to make mistakes since you will get less money for each failure. Once you leave the bar, you will need every penny to pay for college and your mother's meds. Manage your bills from your mobile and book a slot to meet your friends. If you focus only on work, you will end up stressed. You will be slower serving drinks and will not have enough energy to take care of your personal life. Burnout can end your game!

Key Features

  • Serve customers quickly or it will affect your salary.
  • Rest or you will be slower at work and earn less money.
  • Book some time for your family and friends.
  • Pay your bills and check your email with your phone.


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UnHappy Hour Credits

Alejandro Estabén
Programmer and Internal Producer
Àlex Beltran
Narrative Designer and Programmer.
Luna López
Manel Espinosa
Israel Mallén
PR & CM.