Super Korotama is an arcade skill game that emulates a classic retro-style arcade machine with different perforated panels, where the user can move a metal ball through a vertical bar that can be raised with the machine's joysticks. The main objective of the game is to put the ball in the correct hole while avoiding the rest of the holes.


Super Korotama has several levels and modifiers that are unlocked when you beat all leves, such as an ice mode, bomb mode and dizzy mode. They will make the game even more complicated, but they will award you with more points to get a higher score in the world rankings.


  • Retro synthwave aesthetic
  • 2 different game modes
  • 20+ different challenging levels
  • X3 mode modifications
  • Different collectable power ups
  • Integrated machine retro UI
  • Synthwave jukebox


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Selected Articles

  • Super Korotama is a simple yet addictive game of skill.
    Christopher McNally, bonus stage
  • Addictive, simple and with a fun arcade vibe. Ideal for a quick five minute dexterity challenge between other things.
    Higher Plain Games, Higher Plain Games

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Super Korotama Credits

David Rodriguez
Developer, CEO
Marco Domingo
Developer, CTO
Salomón Gallardo
Artist, Lead Artist