HIVE is a multiplayer hero shooter in 2.5D side scrolling with futuristic style and frenetic gameplay. Up to 10 players simultaneously can fight in Hexadiums, hexagon-shaped combat areas located all around the planet HIVE. Hexadiums are scenarios that are divided into 6 zones, each with its own gravity, different platforms, hideouts and open spaces that turn it into a frenetic battlefield. In HIVE, we play the role of the best fighters of different factions that exist in the game: human military (UFG), human modified by Altenum (NHC), robots (EVO), and evolved aliens (Aeons). These heroes, now called Hexadiers, have to conquer the hexagonal coliseum to obtain Altenum, a vital energy source for interspatial travelling in the XXVI century. Win the battle and get fuel to survive, explore and colonize new planets! Each Hexadier has several inborn skills and a selection of weapons that can be equipped before entering battle. This way, heroes will be an extension of each player gaming style making an unique gameplay with hundreds of combinations.


From the very beginning, David and Marco had in mind to develop a competitive video game that they really liked to play. This is how HIVE story starts. Along its first development stages, HIVE was a MOBA with three lanes and side scroller but over time, the game itself was calling for a change. Those were hard times but they listened every piece of code inside HIVE and finally get the shape the game was asking for. The creature evolved to the shooter that is nowadays which shows a frenetic mechanics and a dynamical gravity system that makes HIVE a truly unique game.


  • Hexagonal battlefield: The hexagon is divided 6 zones, each one has its own gravity direction
  • Fast paced gameplay: fast impulse system (Dash), open spaces and low gravity
  • Hero shooter: Four different factions , up to 10 characters with unique abilities and stats
  • Customize abilities and weapons: Each character/player have more than six weapons at their own discretion
  • lLocal and online multiplayer: Play split screen, online mode, or combine them!
  • e-Sports oriented, competitive feeling: Leagues and competitive matches!
  • Single player mode: If you are a lone wolf , Survival mode is your choice!



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Awards & Recognition

  • "PlayStation Talents Games Camp" 2017 Program
  • "Best videogame Award" Gamepolis 2016
  • "Finalist 3 Head Monkey Awards" Barcelona 2016
  • "Best videogame award and Best Graphics award" Festival Oculus UJI 2015

Selected Articles

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    Billy D, One Angry Game
  • A side scrolling shooter , incorporating an unique feature , an hexagon-shaped combat areas divided into 6 zones, each of one with its own gravity
    EDGE, EDGE Magazine
PlayStation Games Camp
This project was supported by PlayStation Spain under its PlayStation Talents Program.

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Catness Game Studios is an independent game studio that develops games and offer services as porting, publishing and outsorcing. Developers of HIVE: Altenum Wars, The Savior's Gang and Super Korotama. Currently working on project Hertz.
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HIVE: Altenum Wars Credits

David Rodriguez
Developer, CEO
Marco Domingo
Developer, CTO
Salomón Gallardo
Artist, Lead Artist