Die Again is an innovative top-down shooter. Created by VarnGameDev, here you do not die if you die. Let me explain that. Whenever killed, you can possess the closest enemy and keep shooting. That will force you to decide between shooting mindlessly or manipulating foes to complete each level. Be careful: if no one is near you, game over.


In this top-down shooter, you have two options: shoot everything that moves with a wide variety of weapons or kill yourself to possess enemies. If a foe is in your range, you can manipulate him to switch positions and gain the advantage. Think about each level as a puzzle you can complete in multiple ways. The weapons you use, the objects you interact with, or the possession of another body will result in very different experiences.


  • Choose between 8 weapons to shoot your way through.
  • Possess nearby enemies.
  • Destroy the elements of the stage to do more damage.


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Die Again Credits

Adrià Ortiz
Marco Domingo
Ignasi Bosch
Israel Mallén
PR & CM.