Chronicles of 2 Heroes is an intense 16-bit action platformer with Metroidvania elements, a feudal Japan setting, and a singular mechanic: you can switch in real-time between the two main characters! Both the Samurai and the Kunoichi have unique, surprising combat styles. The Samurai wields a katana and is a perfect war machine, but he lacks the abilities to jump and to attack from distance. On the other hand, the Kunoichi is as fast as fragile and uses ninjutsus and range attacks. You will have to change between playstyles to defeat Amaterasu and her numerous, fearsome minions.


Between 400 and 600 A.D., Amaterasu’s wrath dragged Ancient Japan into a time of wars, famine, and epidemics. Her disciple, Empress Imiko, rule over Japan with an iron fist and imposes terror with her mighty army. All hopes rest on two siblings, Kensei the samurai and Ayame the kunoichi, who will fight their way to bring back peace to the land. Thanks to their abilities and the people that they will meet on their journey, they will get into the imperial capital of Osaka to steal the three sacred treasures, the empress’ source of power.


  • Versatile real-time character switch system allowing players to connect different skills and combos.
  • Fight against ronin, yokai, and countless enemies heavily inspired by Japanese mythology.
  • A skill system with 20 unlockable abilities.
  • Collectables and hidden areas urge players to try multiple runs to achieve 100% completion.
  • Staggering pixel-art and and exciting 16-bit action developed with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Estimated gameplay length between 8-12 hours.




A proposito di Catness Game Studios

Catness Game Studios è uno studio di giochi indipendente che crea, fa servizio di "porting" e pubblica giochi. Sviluppatori di HIVE: Altenum Wars, The Savior's Gang e Super Korotama. Attualmente sta lavorando al progetto Hertz.
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Noi di Infinity Experience siamo uno studio di sviluppo con sede a Firenze. Il nostro obiettivo come team è portare innovazione sul mercato, cercando di avere sempre un occhio al passato del mondo dei videogiochi. Pertanto, aspiriamo a offrire ai giocatori di tutto il mondo nuove esperienze grazie alle infinite possibilità e alle libertà creative offerte da questo media.
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Chronicles of 2 Heroes Credits

Samuele Patrissi
Environment designer and tileset artist
Niccolò Tarchiani
Character designer and lead animator
Filippo Tarchiani
Game Designer, level designer and programmer
Eugenio Delcroix
president of BoD
Jacopo Tarchiani
Sound FX and music
Omar Elsayed
Junior animator
Israel Mallén
PR and marketing